1. Once you have generated a list, you can work with the list by:

(i) Clicking the name of the production to view details on that production.

(ii) Clicking the cross (at the end of each line) to remove this entry from the list. This is useful if you are generating a list of specific productions to print out, and it includes items not relevant to your particular needs. The item will not disappear from the main database if you click to remove it.

Click Return to Search Form to create a new search, change the current one, and to access other options.

Handy tip: click on any of the three headers for your search list (Production. Venue, Start Date) to re-arrange the list alphabetically by production name or by venue, and chronologically by date.


Once you click to go to the page for a specific production, you can find many interlinked areas. Click on virtually anything to see what else it yields. Always look to the bottom of the screen where it will appear. This could be either fuller text, or a variety of buttons which are self-explanatory in terms of creating new lists, eg of other plays in which a particular actor has appeared, or other productions of the same work, etc.


If there is a red dot beside any item, this tells you that there is more information to be found by clicking on the item's title. This might range from a few extra details to an entire review, and also web links of various kinds.

Basically, click on anything and everything, and check the bottom of your screen (you may need to scroll down) to see what appears.

Running your mouse pointer across most elements on screen will also reveal instructions or information.

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