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Enter a word or words to search for in the Find text entry box (you can add keywords here by using the Keywords menu).

**There are currently a couple of glitches in the search mechanism. PLEASE NOTE: to search names with an apostrophe (O'Donnell, etc), please REMOVE the apostrophe, and the search engine will find what you are looking for.**

Click Search for title only to search the title, otherwise the system will find productions where the words occur anywhere.
Click Search for keyword only to search for keywords, otherwise the system will search where the words occur anywhere.
To specifically look for any phrase you enter, click the Search for exact phrase checkbox.
Click Must contain all the words to find entries with all the words, otherwise find entries with at least one.
To find text with similar spelling to what you enter, click the Use inexact spelling checkbox.

To search for productions within a date range enter the dates in the Dates text area (format d/m/y).

Click New Search to start a new set of search results.
Click Search Within to search only within the search results you already have.
Click Search More to add new search results to any you already have.

Finally, click Search to actually perform the search.
To view the entries you have already found, click View List.
Click Log Off when you have finished using the system.